eccles cake

Happy Easter Monday !

Usually at this time of year many of us will be tucking into a big family lunch of roast lamb but sadly, for many – not this year.

But, you could still bake some cakes – and even leave some in a tin on a loved one’s doorstep? Fortunately, the shops seem to have more and more food on their shelves – so hopefully you can either keep distancing and quickly visit one, or you may even have the ingredients in your cupboard – what a great way of using up that lonely half bag of currants!

How about making that all time classic – Eccles Cakes. They look impressive, taste delish and yet are very easy to make. Win win… And you don’t often see them in your shops.

For the filling:
– Simply place 150g of caster sugar and 100g of unsalted butter (or marge will do if that is all you have) into a pan and melt over a gentle heat. Stir in 200g of currants and a couple of teaspoons of mixed spice.  (Or use dried ginger or cinnamon). Allow to cool.

– Meanwhile, roll out a 500g block of bought puff pastry to the thickness of a one pound coin – you can buy it fresh or frozen (even top celebrity chefs don’t make their own puff pastry, so buy it – unless you are truly dedicated and patient with have idle time on your hands, which you may well do at the moment – google it and good luck!).

– Use a saucer as a guide and cut out circles of the pastry with a sharp knife.  Brush with beaten egg and place a dollop of the cooled sticky fruit mix in the middle of the circles.  Now bring up the edges of the pastry circle over the fruit mix and press down, sealing the fruit in the pastry.
– Turn the Eccles over and use a rolling pin to flatten a little. Cut 3 small slits in the pastry.
– Bake in a hot oven, 220’c for about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with caster or granulated sugar  and allow to cool and enjoy with morning coffee or serve them warm with ice cream or cream.
– Delish!!

Enjoy !

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