Make a Lemonade!

‘If life deals you lemons, make a gin and tonic’

That has to be one of my favourite sayings. So positive and up – beat. Make something good come out of something bad. Something lovely out of something bitter. Glass half full attitude

– Especially if it is a gin and tonic with a slice of lemon!

Or how about….‘If life deals you lemons, make lemonade’

So, as you probably know how to make a gin and tonic for the ubiquitous lemon to brighten up!;

here is my recipe for home made lemonade – something I have always made, even sold gallons at my restaurant; but have only recently introduced into our Merrow Savouries menus- especially to accompany business breakfasts and lunches. Proving hugely popular as it is something different to the usual fruit juice, and just so more-ish and delicious and yet embarrassingly easy to make…

To make about 2 litres, using a potato slicer or sharp knife, thinly pare off the skin of 6 large, unwaxed lemons. Do use unwaxed otherwise you have candle and pesticides in your summer tipple! Try not to peel any of the white pith – which makes it bitter, so just peel the very thin yellow skin. Now place the peel in a large bowl and pour over about a litre of boiling water. Leave overnight to cool and for the peel to release its lovely flavours. In the morning add white granulated or caster sugar to taste, about 150gram should be about right, but depends on your sweet tooth. Stir very well. Now add the juice itself from the 6 lemons you peeled last night. Leave again for a couple of hours, preferably in the fridge. Then sieve the liquid leaving any pips or peel behind, although frankly I like a few pieces of peel left for decoration.

This is probably far too strong and a tad eye wincing, so simply add about another litre of cold water or even some sparkling water. Your choice, your taste.

Serve ice cold with slices of frozen lemon slices bobbing around.

How about making pink lemonade by simply adding a good handful of raspberries to the mixture – the more you add the pinker it becomes and imparts a subtle flavour. And keep some back to freeze and decorate the glasses.

Or for a bit of a kick add a chopped piece of fresh root ginger to the peel and boiling water.

It is really very good.