Merrow Savouries - Vegetarian Savoury cheese onion & tomato quiche

Vegetarian Cooking and Special Diets

Adhering to the strictest of guidelines

Thinking out of the box and coming up with the unusual, or something different for guests is a great favourite of both Sue and Tom. Catering for those who often get forgotten about because of their dietary requirements and have to bring their own food, or worse still – go hungry!

Not on our watch.

With the experience of having spent over 10  years managing and cooking for a busy vegetarian restaurant, incorporating many other types of menu, Sue can easily ensure that everyone has something delicious to enjoy. Vegetarian cooking is one of her favourites.

Whilst she concedes Tom’s canapés are the best, he concedes his Mum’s vegetarian cooking is really most delicious, and he is a meat eater!

Merrow Savouries - Beetroot & Orange
Beetroot & Orange; it really works!

All our catering is backed up by the Government initiative of  the Eat Out Eat Well award. A huge honour when Merrow Savouries was awarded the highest possible award – GOLD!!!!

So, are any of your guests:

  • Wholly and strictly vegetarian? Or pescatarian?
  • Vegan? coeliac? or need to avoid certain ingredients.
  • Perhaps they have a nut, mustard or celery allergy? Did you know there are 14 common allergens and it is the law that insists caterers know all about them and if they are in their dishes.  We know because we made the food ourselves!
  • Perhaps one of your guests is pregnant and therefore needs to avoid certain  dishes? Or is just feeling a little poorly and needs their tastebuds tempting?
  • Or does someone simply just what a healthy alternative? Tom is exceptionally keen on keeping fit, strong and healthy, and knows more than anyone about healthy eating and its benefits.

Whatever your guests need. Just let us know and then be sure they will be offered delicious appropriate and suitable alternatives

We’ll show them!

The first of this summer’s homegrown tomatoes – lots more to come!

Vegetarian Events or just Something Different

It is surely a great pleasure to be able to feed any guest. But especially those who are usually unable to eat out really well –  because of their dietary requirements.  How lovely for your friends to know you care and thought about them.  Merrow Savouries has cooked for numerous hugely successful vegetarian and special dietary occasions including:

  • Canapés for posh cocktail parties
  • Birthday parties (no nuts were to be present)
  • Fund raising events (everything accurately labelled to accommodate the various ethnic minority taste buds)
  • Anniversaries (couple who have been veggie for 45 years)
  • Business  lunches (bearing in mind the religious diet requirement)
  • Photo shoots (very glam but strictly vegan)
Merrow Savouries - Sweet Potato Risotto
Butternut Squash and Rocket Risotto. Delish.

When catering for vegetarians, you may be absolutely sure that everything will be sourced, cooked, prepared and presented adhering to the very strictest of Vegetarian Society Guidelines.

This, of course, is also our ethos for any other diet. You may rest assured.

Suggested Menus:

Our delicious home made vegetarian, vegan or wheat free menus   include such tantalising dishes as:

  • Chickpea and tahini bake.
  • Aubergine and cashew nut loaves.
  • Stuffed peppers and roasted colourful squashes.
  • Carrot or spinach roulades.
  • Terrines.
  • Quiches tarts and flans.

– or hot dishes including

  • Vegetable birianis.
  • Savoury frittatas.
  • Butterbean boboties.
  • Lasagnes.
  • Lentil hotpots.
  • Cidered casseroles.
Merrow Savouries - Chickpea coconut & tahini patties
Chickpea coconut & tahini patties

– with wonderful puddings such as

  • Tiramisu.
  • Tipsy ginger roll.
  • Banoffee pie.
  • Fresh fruit syllabubs.

Prices are around £15-£19 per person for 2 delicious courses. Plus VAT. Dependent on the occasion, menu and number of guests.

Lots more suggestions and other prices upon request.

Merrow Savouries - Roasted vegetable moussaka
Roasted vegetable moussaka

Recent Vegetarian Occasion References

‘It was a lovely spread much appreciated by all. Thank you very much.’
– Mrs H-B, Guildford (vegetarian buffet business lunch)
‘A beautiful buffet. I have had excellent feedback.’
– Mrs S, (vegetarian business lunch)
‘Once again my many thanks for providing such delicious food for our celebrations’
– Mrs H, Guildford (her 6th booking with us being strictly vegetarian, and loving to entertain – this time for her 50th birthday)
‘Praise for the food arrives with every “thank you letter”‘
– Ms E, Guildford (entertaining vegan friends and family to a special lunch party)
– from Roy’s 70th birthday party-completely vegetarian
‘Another delicious vegetarian spread, varied, colourful and beautifully presented, so very glad we have found you. Many compliments and praise from our delegates, especially those who were also vegan or wheat free. Look forward to next month’
– Large Company requiring regular business lunches to satisfy the many varied dietary requirements of its ethnic and religious colleagues from all over the World