Waste not, Want not…

Waste not want not …

Watching the news lately and seeing all this food being wasted by those who decided to stockpile what they could never manage to consume has got us thinking…. so from now on I will write with some ideas what to do with ‘left -overs’ or ‘what you have in the cupboard’ or ‘what you have that may not be at its prime best’…

If you have bread going stale then simply blitz it in a food processor- brown bread, granary or seeded is particularly good
(or tear into little pieces or grate -if you have time on your hands!)
Either just season the crumbs, or if you like, add a little pesto if you have a jar lurking in the larder or even some mustard or a splash of worcester sauce or chopped herbs even if they are not at their very best or use dried ones – just see what you have – then add a splash of oil so it becomes a little sticky.
Put on top of fish or chicken pieces before cooking for a super tasty topping, or top onto a pasta bake to make it more wholesome and bulky and to feed more people. Or saute some leeks, onions or courgettes or any vegetable you have and add to a cheese sauce and then top with the breadcrumbs for a tasty supper with a salad – or as accompaniment to the main meal.

For a sweet treat add some granulated or demerara sugar to the unseasoned crumbs, and fry in butter, or any fat – then layer onto stewed fruit, pop in the oven for 25 minutes for a yummy cheat’s

Enjoy !